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High-Performance Coaching for Becoming Fearless

Being brave, courageous and daring is what we are about here at I Dare To Leap HQ. 

I’m Charlotte, CEO of I Dare To Leap and a global High Performance Coach

Gut-punch growth expert and a transformation specialist ready to help you navigate fear and live your fullest potential.

You’re not merely successful; you’ve reached the apex of your profession. Yet, deep down, constant pressures and fears—fear of judgement, fear of stagnation, fear of the unknown—whisper doubts that disrupt your focus and lessen your enthusiasm. If you’re feeling disconnected from the thrill of your work, or if your professional life isn’t aligning with your personal aspirations, it’s time for a transformative change.


1:1 High Performance Coaching Personal and Professiona

A bespoke tailor-made journey just for you, using proven conscious and subconscious techniques to overcome blocks and propel your life forwards.

Becoming Fearless Experience

A 6-month personal growth journey to your ultimate desired life and achieving your fullest potential, whatever that means for you.

Events – Online, In-Person Days & Retreats

Personal growth and AHA moments in real time.

Nothing beats the shifts that happen when a group of high achievers get together.

Discover Your Potential

Take a look in this portal for free resources, mini courses and in-depth personal growth self-study programmes.

Learn anytime, anywhere and at any pace.

if you find yourself:

*Overwhelmed by mental chatter*: Discover strategies to quieten your mind and find clarity amidst the noise.

*Tired of ‘spinning plates’*: Learn to prioritise without losing balance, finding peace even in the whirlwind of leadership.

*Seeking genuine relaxation and fulfilment*: Master the art of switching off, tuning in, and truly enjoying life beyond the business.

*Frustrated by mismatched energies and disharmonious relationships*: Cultivate environments where synergy thrives, both professionally and personally.

*Running from yourself*: Embrace the journey towards self-fulfilment, where fear becomes a catalyst for growth rather than a barrier.

As a high-performance coach, I specialise in guiding visionaries like you—board members, senior leaders, elite performers and high achievers who are not just chasing success but are driven to redefine it. My approach is straightforward and results-focused, directly addressing the core fears that impede top-tier professionals.


Through our sessions, expect to:

*Experience Fearless Reinvention*: Harness the power of authenticity to craft a professional identity that aligns with your deepest values.

*Gain Crystal-Clear Vision and Purpose*: Set goals that resonate with your ambitions and outline actionable, concrete plans to achieve them.

*Master Time and Energy with Radical Efficiency*: Optimise your routines to maximise productivity and effectiveness, unlocking states of flow that multiply your output.

*Build Resilience and Wellbeing*: Develop a robust toolkit for handling stress and cultivating resilience, ensuring you stand strong against any challenge.

*Cultivate a Commanding Presence and Unshakeable Confidence*: Enhance your interpersonal impact and build relationships that foster both personal growth and professional success.

about charlotte carter:

As a trusted coach and mentor to multi 6 and 7 figure business owners, I work to uncover and release their hidden limitations and ‘it has to be hard’ habitual patterns and shift them into a state where they blow their own mind, creating a life that brings more happiness, joy and ease.

Contrary to what you might think, high performance isn’t about pushing yourself to the limits. It’s about trusting yourself deeply.

To put it simply, if I’m having fun, feeling satisfied and stretched whilst taking on new challenges, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop.

Embark on a journey that transcends traditional coaching. Transform your fears into triumphs and redefine what success means to you.

Contact us now to start transforming your fears into your greatest assets. Let’s unlock the full spectrum of your leadership potential together

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