1 to 1 High Performance Coaching

Do you want to trust yourself in ALL areas of your life and unpick what’s been holding you back?

Then this is for you.

I’ve helped numerous ambitious business owners and leaders, like you, to truly uplevel their lives, reconnecting them to who the hell they are and what they’re here to do.

Together we will explore, resolve and transform what’s been holding you back and keeping you stuck and unsure of who you are. We will break down the fears that have kept you small and set the foundations in place in YOU to build and hold wild success and sustain it.

We will build daily personal practices and weekly routines to ensure you bed in high performance habits for success. Then we will take a bird’s eye view on what really matters to you so that we create a high performance lifestyle you cant wait to jump out of bed for.

We will hone in on your values, strengths and shine a light on your brilliance and then get you doing more of what lights you up.

We will look at the fun, happiness and joy elements of your life and amplify them and then some more.

Get ready for the change.

I’m here for it all and I’d love to chat with you about unpausing your potential so the world can benefit from you in all your brilliance.

I’m seeing upgrades in all areas of my life. I’d definitely recommend 1:1 sessions with Charlotte.

I’ve been working with Charlotte for around 2 months now.

The most striking thing for me has been how much Charlotte sees and hears you.

I am a self starter and Charlotte works with that, with where my thoughts are, with what I’m working through.

Claire Riley, CEO of Classroom Secret (scaling to 8 figures)

Charlotte understood where I was going and knew the things likely to trip me up or stop me.

One of Charlotte’s best qualities as a coach is that she doesn’t do what most coaches do – which is to tell you not to be outspoken, call things out and to just ignore things – she sees the reality that leaders have to speak up and instead of telling me to stay out of things and keep my head down as other mindset coaches have done – she’s at the level where she realises that’s not an option for multi 7 and 8 figure leaders. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Charlotte, especially if you are growing rapidly and need someone that will walk the path with you.”

Lisa Johnson, Business Strategist and Mentor

Working with Charlotte has been great and it’s helped me to develop both personally and professionally.

Her relaxed friendly approach makes it easier to delve into thoughts and feelings that might not be comfortable, but are ones you need to work through.

Personally I’m more confident in myself, have a better work / life balance and definitely less stressed.  Professionally I’ve made some big decisions about my business that I’m not sure I would have done without Charlotte’s support.

I’d definitely recommend working with Charlotte if you want to do the inner work that supports you to get the life you want.

Sarah Fisher, CEO and Founder of Connectie Parenting

How people might feel before doing this work

“I’m unsure of who I am”

“I’m mega frustrated with myself that I can’t work this out myself despite all the courses Ive bought and the learning I’ve done”

“I know I’m pausing my potential and on the edge of a breakthrough and I’m full on self sabotaging my success”

“I’m ready for change and to put the work in and to prioritise ME but I know I need l support to ensure I do that”

“It feels so hard and I’d love it to feel easier”

“I know I’M the block and I KNOW I can’t sort this out on my own”

“I have lost sight of the fun side of life, it’s all got very serious”

“I dance from being ON it and then OFF it and would love to create a rhythm that works for me rather than stop-start all the time”

“I move from being on it and generating all the success and then withdrawing and shrinking, it’s like I can’t allow myself to go ALL IN”

If these resonate with you, take action and book a call….

1:1 package prices start from £3000 inc VAT