As a female entrepreneur and a high performer, there’s lots of evidence out there relating to burnout.

Burnout is when you are exhausted on many levels and basically need to undergo some sort of rest and restoration.

It’s not easy as high performers, however, to sit still and give ourselves permission to take time out. It doesn’t feel natural.

Here are 5 signs that you may be approaching burnout and what to do about them:

1. You constantly feel tired and exhausted.

This is a BIGGY!

Sleep is essential, but when you have a busy body and a busy mind then it’s quite often the thing that is compromised. Burning the candle both ends.

💡 Solution – set the intention to go to bed earlier for a few weeks and reap the rewards. You will notice the difference!

2. You can’t wait until the next big thing….your holiday, the weekend, when the launch is over, when the podcast episode is written….

This waiting until something is finished before you take some ‘rest’ is a pattern amongst high achievers. The need to keep on going and complete something before you have the time off.

💡 Solution – create mini breaks throughout your day to move through the work whilst creating joy and happiness.

3. You are either hungry or you can give or take food.

This is a huge warning sign that you are not taking care of your own basic needs and nurturing and nourishing your body.
Remember, your body is your home and without it working to it’s highest performance, you can’t either.

💡 Solution – Practice self compassion, nurture yourself via healthy nutritious foods, plenty of water and peace.

4. You find it hard to relax.

This is one I hear time and time again – “I find it difficult to sit still, to meditate or to journal…” I get it. You have to find the tools that work for you. There are lots of resources out there that allow you to relax whilst moving for example.

💡 Solution – Find the tools that allow you to reset and find your escapism and ensure you factor them in daily as a reset.

5. You lack clarity.

One of the main side effects of experiencing burnout is lack of clarity. Not sure what to do first or next so you end up going down the procrastination and decision analysis route. This leads to huge overwhelm and puts you back which then adds to the frustration of HOW MUCH there is to do and the repeated pattern continues!

💡 Solution – Take some time out with a notepad and pen and write down your non-negotiables. Allocate the time to do them and be strict with yourself. Make YOU a priority and remember you only ever need to know the next step.

Bookmark this page for the next time you feel like you are approaching burnout so that you can take a moment, reset yourself and kickstart your journey into high performance.

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With love and gratitude,

Charlotte x

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