Joy, happiness and pleasure are three key emotions that as humans we love. Feeling enjoyment, smiling, laughing and having fun, and creating pleasurable experiences rate high in our lives.

Yet so many of us limit this part of our life and don’t realise it until we step into the world of entrepreneurship where self awareness, exploration and understanding are key for success and high performance.

As high performers it doesn’t make sense when we first hear this. Why would we do that? We are here to learn and grow and achieve so why would we limit the thing we might want most?

Gay Hendricks, in his fabulous book The Big Leap, talks about upper limiting. He says ‘when you reach a certain level of happiness or success, that is your upper limit that you’ve unconsciously set for yourself. You find a way to deflate and bring yourself back down.’ Hendricks calls this your ‘inner thermostat setting that determines how much love, success, and creativity we allow ourselves to enjoy.’

BOOM! There it is in all it’s glory! I wholeheartedly agree with Hendricks and have seen it in many of my clients. This internal limiting of self. It can be closely related to success, money, receiving love, receiving compliments, praise, abundance…

For some it feels safer to not let themselves go above their limit, not get too big for their boots, be too loud, too noisy, too much! That’s wrong for so many due to their limiting beliefs that they are not good enough. It’s safer to stay locked in these limits for fear of losing it all.

Yet imagine for a moment, if things went as well as they possibly could, what would happen next? What would you be able to do, to be, to achieve?

Then imagine if you set accountability check points to review your limits, expand them and smash through them all in a safe contained programme. Where you could understand these like never before.

My Becoming Fearless Experience allows you to do just that. Explore your limits in life and understand what’s behind them so you can explore, resolve and transform them.

I mean imagine if you did that, imagine where you would be in 6 months time! How you would feel, what opportunities you would have said yes to and what experiences you would have allowed yourself to fully embody and love.

Book a call here and let’s navigate your limits together to see what’s the best next step for you.

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With love and gratitude,

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