About Charlotte

The High Performance Coach

Hi, I’m Charlotte Carter.

I am the Founder and CEO of the company I Dare To Leap which supports leaders all over the world to create high performance in ALL areas of their life.

As a trusted coach and mentor to multi 6 and 7 figure business owners, I work to uncover and release their hidden limitations and ‘it has to be hard’ habitual patterns and shift them into a state where they blow their own mind, creating a life that brings more happiness, joy and ease.

Contrary to what you might think, high performance isn’t about pushing yourself to the limits. It’s about trusting yourself deeply.

I have worked through my own identity: the not good enough pattern, the limiting your own happiness pattern, the deserving and self worth pattern to name a few. I continue, every day, to nail the habits that allow me to walk the walk as a high performance coach.

A real love of people, laughter and high energy, I embrace ANY opportunity to experience more fulfilment in life.

To put it simply, if I’m having fun, feeling satisfied and stretched whilst taking on new challenges, I’m like a kid in a sweet shop

The Journey So Far

It’s been a wild ride

From an early age I knew I was made for more.

It’s just a shame it took me until my forties to claim that.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work in some really impactful roles.

✔️ Delivering and presenting all over Europe to doctors, professors and clinicians on the latest developments in clinical trial within the field of Oncology. This role allowed me to develop my presenting and teaching skills from a young age.

✔️ Supporting communities to secure funding for community projects such as sports clubs, playgrounds and bespoke projects. This role gave me a great sense of community and allowed me to see the real leaders in the world.

✔️ Working within the Criminal Justice sector supporting people with their mental wellbeing. This role shaped a lot of who I am today as well as bringing to my awareness to switch into High Performance.

✔️ Volunteering as a run leader for the fabulous ICAN run charity which brought an immense sense of giving back and the fun and joy in that.

Alongside these roles I notched up these qualifications:

✔️ BA Hons Health Studies

✔️ PGCert in Social Science Research

✔️ Diploma in Transformational Life Coaching

✔️ NLP Practitioner

✔️ Clinical Hypnotherapist

✔️ EFT Practitioner

✔️ Positive Psychology Coach

✔️ Personal Trainer

Experiential learning for the last 49 years, such as intuition, futuristic strengths ability and keeping it all relatable and inspirational. If I can change my life so can you.

I’ve changed lives in many ways but mostly I’ve changed my own.

I’ve gone from being a people pleaser, an ‘I’m OK if everyone else is OK’ kind of person who would limit their own life to fit in with others (because I had totally fallen off my own to do list of life)


The woman you see here today. I’m proud of the journey and the support I’ve had along the way. I’m only just getting going. We are all forever of students in life and I, for one, am here to share my learnings with you all.

Our Core Values


We value honesty, openness and connection.

Our realness is at the heart of what we do.


We embrace growth and new ways of thinking and working.

Our team thinks big, exploring new possibilities and expanding their horizons.

We stand with our clients while they do the same.


We are committed to making an impact in the world, changing the lives of the wonderful women that we work with.

We harness the power of the ripple effect.


We encourage a culture of joy, enthusiasm and positivity in everything we do.

High performance and well-being are enhanced when there are laughter and moments of joy.


We build lasting relationships by providing a safe space for our clients.

We are consistent in being reliable, transparent and accountable.