Becoming fearless experience

Becoming fearless experience

A 6 month group coaching experience with your personal growth at the heart of it. If you are looking to make friends with fear, smash your goals and live the most fulfilling life ever then this programme is for you.

Fear is not going anywhere. It’s inbuilt within us to keep us safe. The way to high performance and ultimate life satisfaction is to understand your intricate relationship with fear, how to be besties with it and how to ultimately use it to fuel your personal growth journey.

This energetic experience is the first of its kind. Each week we discover how to love our fear and thrive so that we can gain deep inner transformation which reflects in outer success.

High Performance Habits for sustainable success

Deeper Self Love, acceptance and appreciation

Transforming your Money Mindset

Fear in ALL its guises

Holistic health and wellbeing for overall high performance living

Core areas this experience covers

Who is this for?

You’ve already had some huge success. You thrive on it but you know there is WAY more available. But you can’t seem to either reach it or hold onto it.

Fear is running the show in its very slippery way. It’s limiting you stepping into your full potential.

It’s time to take the bull by the horns and overcome this once and for all.

Stop the searching and the 'busy being busy' energy

Embrace the present before it slips you by

Find your sweet spot between work, life, health and relationships and your ultimate harmony

I’m excited to share this experience with you all as a programme that is wrapped in energetics.

After years of delivering group coaching programmes I have learnt that a mixture of 1:1 support, group hot seat coaching and expert advice is the greatest, most potent mix for high achieving people to gain their biggest transformation possible.

Its a mixture of 1:1 support, hot seat group coaching and in person get togethers for maximum community connection and inner transformation

3 x 1:1 60 minute zoom calls with Charlotte to take a deeper dive into more stubborn blocks and shifting them

2 x In Person Day Events included

3 x weekly group hot seat calls EVERY month to shift resistance and encourage self leadership

Accountability throughout the 6 months journey to sustain momentum in growth

Monthly money mindset trainings to transform your relationship with money

Monthly reflect, reset and rise sessions so you keep on rack and bed in the habits for success

Are you ready for exciting, rapid growth?

There’s no better time than NOW!

Investment - £6k payment plan available


Free Access to High Performance Activator self study programme so you can get yourself Becoming Fearless ready!

1:1 & Hot seat calls for maximum growth

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