High Performance Activator®




High Performance Activator® is for ambitious female entrepreneurs who are ready to continue their journey of self mastery and step into more acceptance, awareness and expansion.

It’s time to see your greatest ASSET – YOU and unlock your ultimate potential so that success flows in and you feel it.

Create time and ease for you even when you feel like it’s got to be hard!

You don’t know what the next steps are, but you do know that…

👉 You’re stuck in your head and it’s stopping you moving forward

👉 You’re ready to understand yourself more but can’t see the wood from the trees and have no idea where to start

👉 Everything feels way too hard and you need someone else to shine a light on your strengths and struggles and help you take action…(in your words, you need someone to kick you up the ass) until you can do it on your own!

Here’s the truth…

You’ve already got the passion, the success and the drive in bucket loads.

The issue is the next stretch, the growth, the subtle yet powerful tweaks that take you from excellent to LIMITLESS are just not showing up for you.

You want to…

👌 have the sense of freedom that comes with entrepreneurship, the creativity, the buzz and the cash rather than follow a boxed up cookie cutter strategy

👌 trust your intuition and inner wisdom so you don’t keep dipping into doubt when the next upper level limit shows up

👌 master the beautiful blend of doing and being with ease rather than jumping from one or the other and your nervous system getting a hit

👌 stand strong in your own playground rather than being under someone else’s shadow!

👌 build your bounce-back-ability muscle so that fear is simply an observer

Mastering the art of inner growth which allows you the freedom, space and joy for so much more richness in life.

If this is where you are right now…

👉 You are mega talented with a proven track record but you want more and you haven’t been able to navigate this stretch on your own without working ALL the hours

👉 You dedicate time and energy to learning how to progress but its not feeling

aligned to you no matter what you do

👉 You can’t seem to master the ‘balance’ of life piece, its all work or all play – the

middle ground is vacant

👉 And then there is the focus, you have 20,222 ideas in your head and managing

that is not always a walk in the park

👉 You’ve lost sight of some parts of you and you’d like to find them again

But let’s swap it for this

✅ Inner knowing, excitement and expansion

✅ Time and space for stillness for fun and pleasure rather than because you think it will help

✅ Grow personally and in your business without feeling like you’re using every atom of your energy

✅ Feel really clear on who you are and what you are here to do

✅ Reach your crazy big LIFE goals without running yourself into the ground

“The last few months have been a game changer for me. I’ve loved every minute and I’m so excited about my business and personal growth moving forward as a result of Activator”

Diane Andrew, Life Coach

“I would often put me at the bottom of the list, feeling that I was somehow letting people down if I didn’t put them first. Even just writing this down now, I know and much more fully embody that this is something I needed to reverse. I wouldn’t say I’m 100% bossing that yet, but I do have steps in place to remind myself that this is the most important thing that I can do for myself now, which then in turn helps me to serve others better anyway.

Tanya Ibberson, Business Mentor and Financial Coach

“Activator is a programme that is set up to change lives. All of us in the programme have seen positive shifts across multiple areas of our lives already! Charlotte has a way of bringing out the brilliance in every life she touches, and anyone who signs up to one of her programmes gets the benefit of this infectious gift!”

Katy Bradbury Founder at Katy Bradbury Health

Welcome, it’s good to see you!

Hi, I’m Charlotte, and I’m going to blow your mind with what’s truly possible for you by busting the high performance myth once and for all.

I’m a trusted coach and mentor to women in the first few years of their business right through to multi 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs. I’ve fallen into all the ‘high performance’ traps myself.

When I first started my business, I absorbed every possible strategy. Spent the money as fast as it came in. I kept thinking I needed to learn more; more strategy, more guidance.

When what was really happening was that I was looking to have my thoughts and actions validated by people who were further ahead of me (in the financial sense).

And it ended with a disconnect between who I was and what I was doing.

The only way to shift that was to shift my thoughts and what I believed about myself.


✔️ I achieved my first £75k month… just two years into business

✔️ I hired my own personal trainer – week in week out physical commitment

✔️ I recruited a team to support me

✔️ I invested in my own coach to support my inner growth and personal leadership

✔️ I created more space for fun, happiness

and creativity

✔️ I claimed my identity and really started to love myself for all I am

✔️ I started to SEE my brilliance and now I unlock it for others

✔️ I got crystal clear on who I really am and what I’m here to do and that’s been a game changer for me!

There’s a reason why my method works for you…


If you’ve been looking for the person to take you from where you are now, to a whole new identity and shift and release blocks that have been weighing you down then you are in the right place – it’s time to become aware of the real YOU and ditch the fake versions (with love)!

👉 With my help, you get clear on your biggest fears and limits and how they show up for you in behaviour patterns and actions. Together we break them down and allow you to unpick them and ditch them in favour of new more empowering patterns and habits. From this we create your high performance pathway for sustainable success.

👉 We ditch the bland surface level energy work and take a deep dive into what drains you, what lights you up and who you want to be and how you want to feel so that you begin to flex your emotional strength muscle and own your truth in all areas of your life.

👉 You access your inner guidance tool and learn how the art of stillness expands all possibilities and expands your capacity to ask, receive, and hold onto more abundance, be that money, love or happiness.

👉 You step into your own personal power, trust yourself like never before, have stronger boundaries, better and healthier relationships and clarity on what you want your life to deliver for you

“I feel more empowered and feel there is hope and potential. Charlotte’s energy is what I love. I’d describeActivator in five words as thorough, in-depth, fast based, safe, and brilliant.”

Sarah Bengochea, Healthy Chef and Nourishment Coach

“I think it’s really clever – not just the content but how it’s been put together (the learning journey as it were). I think it builds on Kickstarter or as a standalone. It’s pace and support from you and the group allows everyone to feel safe to be honest, vulnerable and to grow as we need and as we can. It’s genuinely the safest place I know. Everyone feels like it’s tailored for them.”

Antonia Noble, Barrister and Safeguarding Specialist

“I feel calmer, I am less anxious and more intuitive in my business…I am taking action…Charlotte is energetic, fun and very insightful…I really enjoyed Activator.”

Suzanne Young, High Performance Coach and Productivity Coach

Introducing High Performance Activator®


Programme overview:

Ready to activate ALL areas of YOU and all areas of your life so that you can live a life full of richness, opportunities, fun and happiness and attract in all you desire.

🔥 Extensive Learning Portal

🔥 Private Community

🔥 Individual Personalised Support

🔥 9 x Hot Seat Calls

🔥 3 x Monthly Accountability Calls

Take the frustration and resistance out of your own growth and understand how to navigate your fear and beliefs to shift into expansion in a moment.

*Only 5 spots available to include 2 x 1:1 with Charlotte*

By using the HP Flow method, we take you from where you are at and onto this journey to wonderment

F – foundations and flourishing – getting the basics, reviewed and integrated

L – love, forgiveness, self love and how to lead with love without burning out emotionally

O – ownership of you who are – we get strong here, standing strong in your beliefs, your values and your strengths

W – wonderment – your uniqueness is your superpower and here we nail it then expand it so that you are leading the performance of your life with ease

Are you ready to shift the ‘old’ patterns and unlock limitless inner growth and your limitless potential too?



1 x Welcome Call to set the intentions and growth goals

9 x group calls with individual hot seats

3 x accountability calls

1 closing call to celebrate you!

Voxer group with Charlotte’s energy in your ear

Forever access to the High Performance Activator® portal packed with on-demand trainings (value: £2000)

Lifetime access to ongoing guest expert trainings (value: £1000)

Amazing Facebook community you get to stay in forever (Value: £1000)


Pay In Full – £1590

Payment Plans available – £318 x 5 or £159 x 10

High Performance Activator® is a programme set up with personal growth in mind


Fear of judgement, success, failure, rejection, visibility, the unknown, stress…

Fear of not being good enough, fear of my own greatness and fear of fame.

I’m living proof that you can put your mind to anything you fancy once you become aware of what’s holding you back, what you can do to move forward and, more importantly, how you can do that in a sustainable way.

Your pathway to high performance and activating you in these following areas

  1. Awareness of you right here now – identity and desire
  2. Foundations for high performance – getting the stability in place ready for sustainable growth
  3. Love, self-worth and belonging – all the relationship pieces that make life fabulous
  4. Ownership – the self belief, the boundaries and the resilience for expansion to occur
  5. Wonderment – your true uniqueness and brilliance and how to let you shine

Looking for more?


🔥 12 weeks of support including group coaching with hot seats (value: £1500)

🔥 The Becoming Fearless portal packed with on-demand trainings (value: £1400)

🔥 Lifetime access to ongoing guest expert trainings (value: £1000)


2 x 60 mins 1:1 sessions with Charlotte


Pay in full £2,295 (includes bonus 60 min 1:1 with Charlotte)

3 x payments of £765

Next intake starts 29th April 2024

Only 5 x 1: 1 spaces available – CLAIM ONE!

Is High Performance Activator® right for you?

Who is the programme for?

Female business owners and leaders who are ready to deepen their personal growth, activate their brilliance and create a lifestyle full of joy and happiness.

Will there be 1:1 time included?

There are 5 spots available to include 2 1:1 sessions with Charlotte.
If you pay in full you get a BONUS 60 min 1:1 with Charlotte.

Is there a payment plan?

Yes there is the option of paying in full, paying in three instalments or spreading the cost longer too.

Is this a cookie cutter programme?

Far from it. You’re not the same as the next person. Your needs are unique, your progress is too, that’s why right at the beginning we identify the area for you to focus on that will activate your biggest growth. This forms your High Performance Pathway which you build as you go through the programme.

Is there ongoing support available after the programme?

After the 3 months, you will have the opportunity to come into the High Performance Activator® Community.

What results can I expect by the end of the programme?

There are no guarantees. As with anything, if you are committed to putting the work in, you will see the results. From previous group courses Charlotte has run, the attendees have had fabulous results.